Give a brief explanation of each of the congestion control techniques?

What do you know about congestion control techniques?
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"Backpressure: This technique produces an effect similar to backpressure in fluids flowing down a pipe. It involves link-by-link use of flow control in a direction toward the source. Choke packet: A choke packet is a control packet generated at a congested node and transmitted back to a source node to restrict traffic flow. Implicit congestion signaling: If a source is able to detect increased delays and packet discards, then it has implicit evidence of network congestion. Explicit congestion signaling: In general terms, for explicit congestion avoidance, the network alerts end systems to growing congestion within the network and the end systems take steps to reduce the offered load to the network. Policing: A node in the network, typically the node to which the end system attaches, monitors the traffic flow and compares it to the traffic contract. Excess traffic is either discarded or marked to indicate that it is liable to discard or delay."
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"The issue together with Reddish colored is the idea declines packages. A far more useful strategy could be to get a hub to set the traffic jam notification bit in a mailboat, so mail this mailboat towards phone. The recipient might then inform the actual sender to be able to decrease by using a concept inside the ACK. While, your radio becomes it's package and we avoid using bundle falls for you to signaling congestion. "
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