Give some reasons for using fragmentation and reassembly.

What are the scenarios when one use fragmentation and reassembly?
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"(1) The communications network may only accept blocks of data up to a certain size. (2) Error control may be more efficient with a smaller PDU size. With smaller PDUs, fewer bits need to be retransmitted when a PDU suffers an error. (3) More equitable access to shared transmission facilities, with shorter delay, can be provided. (4) A smaller PDU size may mean that receiving entities can allocate smaller buffers. (5) An entity may require that data transfer comes to some sort of ""closure"" from time to time, for checkpoint and restart/recovery operations."
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Reassembly may be the invert of partitioning. Standard protocol Info Units ar replace in concert inside the proper purchase to be able to reassemble a new current of internet data to use unique type. "
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