Half dollar with independance hall?

We have terminate several half dollar dollars together with independance hall in it. Is it extraordinary in the least along with value something? I'm sure they are through 1976, that currently being Americas 200th season as well.
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"Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollars w/ Independence Hall on the reverse .... Worth nothing. Uncirculated -- that means Never Touched By HuMan Hands -- Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollars 1776 - 1976 can be purchased for $3 - $5. I saw a Proof PCGS PR69 DCAM *No Reserve* one in a pretty case w/ documentation with a current asking price $12.95 --- but unfortunately you do not have one of those. Coinage is long term. You save coinage for your grandchildren. And coinage without precious metals in them is worth nothing more than novelty --- that's why you save them for your grandchildren --- for fun. The JFK Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollars w/ Independence Hall did not have any silver in it. Value; $2 - $13, depending on circulation or not"
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"This is a Bicentennial Coin, and also unless it is a validation with an ""Utes"" mintmark, it is simply really worth 40 mere cents. "
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