What will happen if Japan tries to attack and colonize both China and South Korea again in the future. . .?

"Would the USA still support Japan and be allies with them ??? ***because now ALL of Japan is in danger due to the ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, the Japanese are being very nervous about it, their country may even become Uninhabitable due to the ongoing disaster, Japan also wants to delete its constitution(the Peace Treaty) and is preparing to re-arm. www.enenews.com"
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Not to worry - this will never happen in your lifetime.
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"Since now All The japanese was in chance because of the on-going Fukushima Atomic Problem, the Japanese are being extremely skittish concerning this, the region might go Uninhabitable due to the continuous devastation, Japan also desires to remove the establishment(your Peace Treaty) and is particularly preparing to ray-adjustable rate mortgage. "
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