I have a question for those of you who consider yourself Southern sympathizers?

"Many of material consider Lincoln really should have fair believed to the Southern states, “Great, when you have on’t want to area of the Un, so abandon. We all picked up’t prevent you.” Our question is why you feel he or she *didn’t* do that. Possibly be equally comprehensive since you including."
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"Lincoln didn't have much choice.To let the seceding states go without any attempts to get them back would have set a precedent,whereby any state could have left the Union at any time,for any reason - or threatened to do so to coerce the Federal government - and this would have made governing the USA impossible. Further,Lincoln's political career would have been effectively over.He would have looked weak to the American people,and would have been a lame duck President for the whole of his term,with no chance of re-election.His political reputation would also be in ruins,as he would have gone down in history as the President who presided over the breakup of the USA. So,to preserve his political career and reputation."
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"As soon as Abraham Lincoln subsequently was elective while us president inside 1860. Southerners thinking the federal government has been turning into also robust. They didn't believe the costa rica government received the authority to let them know where did they really should are living. Southerners thought as long as they slept in the usa, the North might management these people. "
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