Ok, so I'm in the History Bee, and I need help with practicing. What Is the French Revolution?

May everyone make some background issues, that helped me to examine. Could also another person explain to me in france they Emerging trend along with President's console. twenty things in case you solution people concerns, and additional concerns will be helpful.
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"I just answered a question a couple days ago that said ""did the French revolution help Bonapart.""- or something like that. Any way instead of rewriting the whole thing over again I'm just goin to copy and paste. It should answer a lot of ur questions. This is kinda cool. I just learned about the french revolution in class:) Well, Napolion Bonaparte started to be France's leader right after the revolution. France was completely crippled from the war and was left with no leader and the whole country was poor. It's surrounding countries like Russia, Sweden and a two others decided that this was a golden opportunity to get some of France's land so they started a war with her. This is where Bonaparte comes in to play. He sees the problem and starts to act. He becomes the leader of the whole entire French army around age 26! He wins a ton of battles but then he makes one fatle mistake. He invades Russia during the winter. This was his first major loss and ironically is exactally what Hitler did over 100yrs later. In both circumstances the war ended quite fast afterwords and their enemies won. Napolion Bonapart was captured twice and during his second capture he was not able to escape and was banned to an island where he later died. No one really was able to find out how he died. Some say he had stomic cancer and others believe that he got arsnic poisoning."
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