How can you measure attitudes? Explain.

Can you provide the methods of measuring attitudes? Also provide the details.
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" Attitudes cannot be seen; they can only be inferred from the manner in which an individual behaves. Nevertheless it is crucial that attitudes are measured. This is because an individual with a positive attitude towards a product/service offering is more likely to make a purchase. Attitudes can be measured by observation, qualitative studies and quantitative techniques (or rating scales). Source:"
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"Measuring the particular unobservable so as to foretell habits also to evaluate citizenry’azines answers for you to persuasion. Attitude attributes: Appraising(a) Strength (ease of access, ambivalency, assurance, and many others.) Cognitions compared to. have an effect on Operates Perceptions as techniques interconnected with methods. Not all perceptions are created equal: Behaviour can be home-understanding à electric potential dimension troubles"
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