How come she likes history?

"A pal regarding quarry enjoys account Your woman lifestyles on this generations older manor, demode every thing for example however I merely ask yourself why the item fascinates the woman's 1_1 she claims it is simply enjoyable which is fascinated by the idea, the lady adores serious music and in some cases dances baroque! ; )"
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Well, the answer lies in the question. She loves it! History simply captures her interest, this in no way makes her lame, in fact it makes her more interesting. Who wants a friend who just listens to whatever is mainstream and reads whatever books are hits? Classical history has a lot of interesting stories and the culture is so different from today, it's wonderfully refreshing to hear a young girl has baroque fever rather than beiber lameness. An interest in history is like any other interest, only it might even lead to career for her some day. When I was younger I was into bird watching and my friends thought it was lame, but now I'm working towards my doctorate in veterinary medicine while those same friends are in dead end jobs. Props to your friend. It's better to be quirky than boring, isn't it?
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every one possesses its own preference
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