How did France impact the confederation of Canada?

I must know stuff and nonsense with regards to: Legislation, Hair Business, Mercantile system, Govt, Imperialism within Acadia and also Completely new Portugal, seigneurial program, and many others or even everything.
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"Read about New France. Quebec was given special status in Confederation and the legal system is patterned (for the most part) after that of France, while the rest of Canada follows the form of British (Common) Law. French fur traders competed with English fur traders and there were battles (some called them wars) between factions and these factions would often include alliances with indigenous people. Canada was sparsely populated by Europeans early on - much less densely populated than the colonies which went to form the United States. Thus commerce and government was carried out in a far more relaxed way. When the British went on the final push to take New France (primarily) Quebec away from the French, it was noted the Acadie (Acadian population) even though in British territory were working against (or at least not 'for') the British. This led to their expulsion and dispersion along the east coast of what is now the United States with many landing in what is now Louisiana. The Church and a system of manors/seigneurs was established in Quebec moreso than in other parts of what is now Canada which was at one time dominated by the French. I have one source on Canada in general. My other two sources speak about settling along the St. Lawrence River (which connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean) and the British push to take Lower Canada/Quebec/New France away from the French."
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