How did Henry viii get money from breaking with Europe?

PLEASE HELP!! many thanks:)
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"He didn't break from Europe, but rather from the Catholic Church, which had a financial hold on most of Europe. By creating the Church of England, with himself as the head, he was able to take some of the strength (and wealth) away from the Pope. He took advantage of the wave that had begun ( Martin Luther) to further his own desires."
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"A lot of people in Britain and European countries had been becoming sad using the Catholic Church and also wanted this to vary. Martin Luther, a new German born reformer, experienced promulgated a spat that will criticised the Pope connected with despotism during The european union, resulting in the German regenerate and also despite the fact that H acquired criticised Luther's reasons, British historians observed all of them seeing that logical and also presumed the Catholic governmnet for being curropt. Holly VIII thought that he needed a new boy to ensure that the Tudor empire lasted. While he'd the kid though betrothed for you to Catherine, it absolutely was illigitamate - my spouse and i.E. born illegitimately - while he acquired a good matter having Elizabeth Blount."
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