How did people live in the 1500s?

"just how improved during the ""Reformationary time period""? the way trusted in realm you had been inside?"
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"England saw a very slow rise in prosperity, this was across all social sections of Society. Henry VII was very good at attracting trade to the Country, and whilst from the middle of Henry VIII reign there was Social unrest due to the Religious situation, and Henry VIII himself, unlike his father, nearly had the Government go Bankrupt, the Country at large increasigly had more prosperity. The really poor suffered with the dissolution of the Monasteries, as they had no rich institution to care for them, and hence had to find work. But those willing to find work and apply themselves, slowly got richer as the century progressed. Due to the influx of silver and gold into Spain from South America, Spain and Portugal suffered high inflation, but a knock on effect was that England changed to a money society during the Tudor period. By that we mean, that working for food, clothes and lodging (working for kind) was replaced by being paid in coin of the realm, this was due to the amount of coins in circulation. This had the benefit of allowing the poor to accumulate wealth in the way of coins being stored value, whereas previously it was difficult to do so, you cannot save clothes and food very long, and what would they buy you. The strange thing with money, the poor benefit most, from the smallest amounts."
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