How did soldiers celebrate holidays in the trenches?

I'm fair carrying out a ms powerpoint presentment about WW1, and that i want to be aware of answer to the above problem. The way does they will enjoy vacations? Does many people be given words from your own home? How? as well as, it is a fillip doubt, nonetheless it might really help: The quantity of troopers past away through ailment vs personal injury and also dying within the field of honor? I'd very genuinely really regards, and if I am just definitely pleased with your answer, We'll superstar one of the concerns.
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"I think an excellent example to include would be the Christmas truce which occured on during Christmas in 1914. This was a series of unofficial ceasfires that occured between the Allies and the Germans. Through the week leading up to Christmas, parties of German and British soldiers began to exchange seasonal greetings and songs between their trenches; on occasion, the tension was reduced to the point that individuals would walk across to talk to their opposite numbers bearing gifts. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, many soldiers from both sides – as well as, to a lesser degree, from French units – independently ventured into ""no man's land"", where they mingled, exchanging food and souvenirs. As well as joint burial ceremonies, several meetings ended in carol-singing. Troops from both sides were also friendly enough to play games of football with one another."
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On Christmas Eve and xmas Morning, a lot of military by them – together with, with a lesser grade, by People from france products – severally entered directly into "twilight zone", in which these people mingled, changing meals and also mementos.
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