How did soldiers obtain new flints for their Zippo lighters in WWII?

They could fire the Zippo having gasoline although wherever does they find brand new flints through?
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"Likely the same way I did in the field. You bought a pack of 5 or so at the PX. Once in a while the PX would send a truck out. To the rear rest area. Had a little of everything. Mooch one off a buddy. Take a prisoner. Ask the ""resourceful"" guy in the unit. You can always count on Americans to do the right thing—after they’ve tried everything else."
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"By each and every liberated tobacco shop with People from france, Belgium, France, and so on. Dead Nazis. Live Nazis. Programs from your own home. Zippos, in addition to paraphernalia, almost certainly showed up together with each and every crateful regarding Camels sent to be able to European countries and also the To the south Ocean. "
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