How did the

the way differed between kingdoms?
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"The Reformation (not Reformationary) period in Europe is a huge topic, and its impact varied enormously between different kingdoms. It would be impossible even to begin to give a country by country description, or even to discuss the different religious trends, Lutheranism, Calvinism, Anabaptism, and the Counter-Reformation, and the differing responses. Even in Germany there are different outcomes depending on local conditions. England is very different to other places, and Scotland quite different to England. How ordinary people were affected depended very much on where they lived, on their social status, and on their personal stance on the religious debates. A few sites below for a starting point. I have included one Catholic and one Lutheran history so that you can contrast them. I suggest you look for a couple of good general histories of the Reformation in your local library and then study some country histories."
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