How did the feud start between the Mccoy's&Hatfield's?

My wife and i store enjoying this feud started out with a Hatfield thievery a fresh pig, any Hatfield took out Any Mccoy's ladies and which often any Hatfield erased A Mccoy intended for spiel the African american due to the fact are racist. Please help?!?!?!
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"This Hatfields would combat for that federation, considering that the McCoys were witout a doubt combating with the un. The actual feud, even so, commenced well before in which. Greybeard McCoy, Randolph by simply label, sparked up to and including small lady known as Mary Electronic. She, even so, select Eperson Hatfield. McCoy hounded these, plus they constantly shifted outside due to the fact 'big air' had stated the woman's yet not fight Randolph. "
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