How do I get a value for these 1800's photos of India?

"I've come across picture cd which has many pics by Asia inside the 19th century. Pics include the Taj Mahal, many of just what appear to be troopers in numerous uniforms. One photo possesses ""Herzog Higgins MHOW"" about it, you have ""Agra Zero:thirty-seven"". Several pictures get sets of adult males which has a mother board before the class, i board scans ""Limber up Gunners CRHA 1897"" you've got ""Not any 4 Subwoofer CRHA Meerut 1894"". Tin anyone let me using any kind of specifics of these types of pics, and also any potential economic value on their behalf remember to?"
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"Take them to an antiques dealer who will be able to give a valuation. Or, at least, he could put you in touch with a photo specialist dealer. There are millions of old Indian photos around so don't get your hopes up too much. They would only be valuable if there was something really historic and unique in some of them."
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