How do I know if a lightbulb is out?

I wanted for you to fire up my own light fixture simply because their totally colored in my way. Although Could not understand anything. I strive to turn on the gentle to be able to plug in my own lamp, nevertheless it will likely not first turn on. How do you acknowledge it may not be the sunshine incandescent lamp?
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"Depends on the bulb you have. You can always check the bulb resistance wire and see if it's burned out. Also, you can shake the bulb and if you hear the like if something is hitting the bulb walls, that might mean its time to change it. In the worse case scenario, just buy a new one. Bulbs done even go for 1 dollar. PS. Check your lamp it might have fried."
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"Watch for an increase in light brightness. This is the most common sign. The light is much,much brighter than it usually is, that means it is within minutes of burning out. 2Listen: A strange squealing will come from the bulb, or a buzz, this signifies vibration that can cause the connection to break and fail. 3Notice dimming. The light is dimmer than usual, or doesn't turn on. It could be that it blown out already, you are too late. "
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