How do psychologists observe and describe behavior?

Hi all, need help!!!!!! kindly tell me about the observation of Psychologists and also describe their Behavior.
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"Psychologists observe and describe behavior using individual case studies, surveys among random samples of a population, and naturalistic observations. In generalizing from observations, remember: Representative samples are a better guide than vivid anecdotes."
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"Many of us use the ideas involving therapy everyday and in all probability don’big t possibly realize the idea. When we spank the kid intended for doing something wrong, we have been utilizing the educational rationale involving consequence. If we obtain stressed right in front of we need to give of which massive conversation, were activation your ANS. If we speak with ourselves in our own brain, impressive themselves for you to ""relax,"" ""keep working harder,"" or ""surrender,"" we are using cognitive strategies to variety your behaviors in addition to inner thoughts. "
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