How do we get information out of memory?

I was wondering how can we put information out of memory.
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"Recall is the ability to retrieve information not in conscious awareness; a fill-in-the-blank question tests recall. Recognition is the ability to identify items previously learned; a multiplechoice question tests recognition. Relearning is the ability to master previously stored information more quickly than you originally learned it. Retrieval cues catch our attention and tweak our web of associations, helping to move target information into conscious awareness. Priming is the process of activating associations (often unconsciously)."
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"Beyond recollection (OOM) can be a nation associated with computer operation (generally unwelcome) where no more additional memory space might be designated for usage by applications or the os. A really program are going to be can not insert any additional programs along with since many software programs may possibly load extra data in to storage for the duration of setup, most of these may cease to work correctly. This happens because almost all readily available computer memory, including hard drive swap file, has been assigned. "
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