How do you galvanize 100*100m of steel?

During my biochemistry and biology course i was questioned to uncover the way to galvanize hundred*100m of material the phraseology will be "A company needs to galvanise either side of any 100.00 l by one hundred.double zero meters sheet connected with aluminum daily. The supervisor really wants to learn how a lot of h associated with Zn have to accomplish this. Assess and also show your work." Help I've got little idea the best way to make this happen
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Find out how thick a zinc layer constitutes galvanization (probably about 10 to the -4 cm). Assume that the thickness is d centimeters. The length of each side is 10000 cm or 10 to the 4th cm. The area of each side is then 10 to the 8th sq.cm. Thus the volume is 2 times d times 10 to the 8th cc. Multiply this by the density (or grams per cc approximately 6 g/cc) and you will have your answer.
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"Galvanizing stainless steel is a process that involves coating the steel with zinc. Zinc has the natural ability to resist corrosion, so stainless steel that has been coated with zinc is protected from corrosion. There are several means to galvanize steel. For well over a century, galvanized stainless steel has been used for countless practical applications. "
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