How do you go about planning a good “message strategy”?

My teacher asked this question during the lecture. Kindly provide details of the Message Strategy Plan?
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"A marketer needs to take a decision on his message strategy. The message is the information that the sender, i.e. the marketer wants to convey to the receiver, i.e. the target segment(s). The “message strategy” requires that the marketer decides on four basic issues; 1) what to say (the message content); 2&3) how to say it logically (message structure) and symbolically (message format); and, 4) who would say it (message source). 1. What to say. 2. How to say it logically (message structure) and symbolically (message format): 3.Who would say it (message source): 4 The target audience : 5. Source:"
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"Right now’ersus savviest market leaders realize they can’testosterone levels gain wonderful business results devoid of conversing properly. But good messages aren’testosterone levels a result of brief inhalation or a dodgy resourceful brilliance. That they’lso are the product or service of the extensive eye-sight that encompasses worker requires, business considerations, as well as enterprise goals. With all the Grossman Party group behind you actually, you obtain your verified and also give-fetching messaging as well as conversation setting up techniques at work for you personally. You additionally find comprehensive access to the in-property newspaper column in addition to style workforce to be sure the right meaning for the cardinal audience each time."
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