How far did Hannibal trek during the Punic Wars with the elephants?

Through the Punic Conflicts Hannibal trekked within the Alps Foothills in addition to shed many elephants in addition to members of the military. But how significantly do he trek to go to Italian capital?
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"Hannibal and his troops began in Spain - the Spanish coast had been colonized by the Carthaginians for some time now and they had established some cities - they traveled through northeastern Spain, southern Gaul (sometimes they were helped by the Celtic tribes, once they were attacked by Celts), they crossed the Alps (by which time he only had 1 elephant left), then he traveled through Cisalpine Gaul (northern Italy) and Etruria before he reached Latium, where Rome is. Hannibal's elephants were from a now extinct north African line, I believe. Hannibal's army then traveled around the Roman countryside, sacking towns and hunting the Roman army that tried to evade them. The Roman strategy was one of attrition - they let Hannibal's lack of resources and supply line destroy his army. Hope this helps."
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Typically viewed as one of the best armed services strategists ever, Hannibal would certainly later be regarded as one of the greatest generals associated with antiquity, in addition to Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Scipio, along with Pyrrhus associated with Epirus. Plutarch declares in which, as soon as questioned by means of Scipio regarding who had been the greatest normal, Hannibal has been said to own reacted sometimes Alexander as well as Pyrrhus, after that himself
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