How is the IPv4 header checksum calculated?

What is the method of calculating IPv4 header checksum?
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"The checksum is formed by taking the ones complement of the 16-bit ones complement addition of all 16-bit words in the header. For purposes of computation, the checksum field is itself initialized to a value of zero."
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You have ones Internet protocol coping checksum. In this case, the checksum subject needs to be hardened to BCD6. This particular works because the particular checksum is actually ""looked at"" through viewing in case each of the 04-bit phrases with the lintel soon add up to FFFF jinx. Should they accomplish, this supply is considered ""excellent"". Or even, the particular mailboat is definitely ""bad"" along with obtains removed quickly. To ensure the entire stage is always to conform this checksum value so it helps to make the packet's totality (or even more specifically, the sum of the the particular sixteen-little bit actor's line) equal just FFFF."
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