How many σ and π bonds are present in a molecule of cumulene?

And what type of orbitals overlap in cumulene? Check all that apply:
  • A. sp/sp overlap
  • B. sp^2/sp^2 overlap
  • C. p/p overlap
  • D. s/s overlap
  • E. s/sp^2 overlap
  • F. sp/sp^2 overlap
  • G. s/sp overlap
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  • σ and π bonds: There are 7σ and 3π bonds in cumulene.
  • Orbitals overlap:
  • s/sp^2
  • p/p
  • sp/sp^2
  • sp/sp
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Cumulene structure shows sigma bond on the end-side carbon with hydrogen. There are four total sigma bond of carbon to hydrogen. 3 Sigma bonds and 3 pi bonds connect carbon to carbon in middle. That makes total 7 sigma bonds and 3 pi bonds in cumulene. The orbitals overlap along with structure is explained in this document.
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