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"precisely how governing ended up being similar after WW1 as soon as it had been finally produced? the actual way it than the Weimer Democracy?"
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"The Polish nation that existed prior to 1795 was an elective kingdom, not a hereditary one. The Sejm (Polish parliament) would elect a king when the previous one died or was deposed. The reason Poland, which was once one of the Great Powers of Europe, fell apart was that eventually, foreign powers got control in the Sejm and would elect weak kings for Poland that were nothing more than puppets for Russia, France, or Prussia, whoever happened to be strongest at the time. Technically, Poland was re-created after the fall of Napoleon. It was given to the Tsar of Russia, who was awarded the title of King of Poland. But he eventually just started governing Poland just like it was another province of the Russian Empire. There was no way that Poland was going to go back to a monarchy of any kind once it was re-established after World War I. The Polish nation of 1918 was a republic that was always pretty much under the control of the military. As soon as Poland was established, it had to go to war with the USSR to stay independent, a war they won by 1920. The hero of the war, Marshal Pilsudski, became President and was pretty much a dictator until he died in 1935. After his death, some of his junior officers shared power until Nazi Germany and the USSR connived to destroy Poland four years later. It's not really comparable to the Weimar Republic at all. Weimar Germany was a free, democratic society, but it was politically and economically unstable. Interwar Poland had a stable government under the control of a very authoritarian President. The revived Poland after 1945 was a Communist dictatorship and client state of the USSR. In 1990, Poland finally became a truly democratic and free nation for the first time in its history."
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"This Develop state which been around just before 1795 was a elective land, an excellent ancestral just one. This Sejm (Develop parliament) would likely elite A california king in the event the previous a single died or perhaps was deposed. The reason why Poland, that is once one of the Good Power of The european countries, chop down separated ended up being of which gradually, dangerous powers received management inside the Sejm and also would likely opt watery nobleman for Poland that have been simply puppets intended for Russian federation, Portugal, as well as Prussia, the person who been best at the time. "
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