"How much information do we consciously attend to at once?"

"Hi Docsity Q n A contributors, my question is about how much information do we consciously attend to at once."
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"We selectively attend to, and process, a very limited aspect of incoming information, blocking out most, often shifting the spotlight of our attention from one thing to another. The limits of our attention contribute to car and pedestrian accidents. We even display in-attentional blindness to events and changes in our visual world."
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We're not purposely mindful of a lot of the items we see; many of us become aware of them only when all of us consciously one on one your care about all of them. Broadbent's Filtration system Type of Frugal Focus points too we've got only a restricted volume to physical process info in order that facts has to be strained to your witting while the leftover stays saved.
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