How to make a portable heater?

wouldso would one complete a modest portable water heater which operates off battery's.
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"How much heat and for how long? You're going to find that it's not practical to carry much energy around and that ""portable"" will actually be hundreds of pounds of batteries. For example, a 12V 100Ah deep cycle battery is about 115 pounds and it will generate about 48 watts of heat for 25 hours. Typical household space heaters are 700 to 1000 watts. IF you draw 50 amps from the battery, you would get abotu 600 watts for less than 2 hours because the battery is derated and likely damaged since you are drawing at a C/2 rate. C/10 is recommended, though the rating is at C/20. And for Eddie W: Electric heat is 100% EFFICIENT, so if it is the most inefficient you have some over-unity device the world needs. I have been reading many of your responses and am wondering if you have any formal education in engineering or electronics."
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ater is easy to do and cheap to buy the materials. BTW: all the materials can be found at Radio Shack.
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