How were average people really affected at all by politics prior 1600?

"include the 1600s the first millennium of which common everyone was genuinely afflicted with nation-wide politics in addition to items taking simply by monarchs...etc? where did they were influenced at all and just how transformed right after 1600s and the reason?"
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"Historians studying China, for example, have recently been doing a lot of work on not only how politics affected ""average people"" but on how average people could have an effect on politics during the Imperial era, both before and after the year 1600. Political decisions could make a difference in whether an average person was called on to do forced labor for the government (digging canals, building roads, etc.), or whether a person with a business relying on ocean-going trade could continue their business or have to give it up as part of defensive measures against piracy -- the list goes on and on and on. But people could have some effect on politics as well, making direct or indirect complaints about local officials who displeased them, by spreading poems and songs that voiced their discontent (and we have evidence that some governments actually not only listened but sought out these songs as a measure of public opinion), etc. People who were not government officials but had some money or local influence could also help or hinder policies of the central government just by cooperating with government decrees or refusing to do so (which, no, did not always or even usually result in getting their heads chopped off)."
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