If you fell from a height, what would be the best way to land?

Say if you jumped out of an airplane, and your parachute didn't engage, what would be the best way (most survivable) to fall? I'm pretty sure you don't land on your feet, because your legs would go straight through your body and kill you..
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In the event you fell into from your airplane as well as your jump dosent release I am just convinced of which his or her is not any survivable way to property if you strike the cushion and bed mattress/waterbed keep but when I'd in order to think likely your own *** due to the fact this is the largest muscles in your body plus it seems like which is the almost all shock absorbing likewise.
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"Sluggish your current slip when using the arch position. If you’re dropping via an airplane, a person earned’capital t have enough time to utilise this task. Increase your expanse aside dispersing yourself too much using this skydiving proficiency. "
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