If you were to decide the fate of humanity, which would you pick?

"Say you were a person who was more powerful and influential than anyone else in history (by that i mean, militarily, politically, economically, and spiritually), and you would decide the future of humanity, but you only have two options. Your first option, is that you look at the world and humanity, and you see how sick all of it is. You see humanity devolving, the destruction of nature, and the most evil and corrupt people rising above all others. And you know there is no way to reverse this, because through out your entire life you have devoted yourself to helping poverty and stopping violence in the third world, promoting beauty and morality in the first world, exposing those who abuse your fellow humans and you have been doing whatever you can to alter this downward spiral of humanity, but it is to no avail, you help and save some, but most continue their evil ways. So you say to yourself, perhaps most of humanity needs to be destroyed. You save as many good people as you can, by hand picking them (or assembling a very large team to find as many good people as they can). Once a few hundred thousand, or a few million (and of every race, so that no racial heritage is lost) have been selected, you kill everyone else in the world. The only ones who survive are most peaceful, intelligent, beautiful, kind, wise, and loving humans on Earth. And not only has the best of humanity been preserved, all medical and technological advancements are saved as well. After this annihilation, humanity continues, with almost no violence, no poverty, very little corruption, and all people on earth live in peace and liberty. These people continue to evolve into spiritually enlightened beings, and the destruction of nature is stopped entirely. The only negative that comes from this, is for the rest of your life, you feel unimaginable shame and sorrow for what you did and you fear possible spiritual torment in the afterlife. Your second option is, you look at humanity destroying itself and nature, and you say to yourself, ""I will not do anything, i will let this world be as it is, and let fate decide it's future"". However, at the same time, there is another group of people who very sinister goal, similar to the first option. These people plan to kill of most of humanity (for overpopulation reasons), and those surviving after this apocalypse will live under tyranny and continue to devolve, while these evil human beings will rise above, and will be the only ones who continue to evolve, but will evolve with a dark spirit. Your left with a dark world, and eventually a very inherently dark species. If you had this power and influence, which fate would you pick?"
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One would only last for a few hundred years max before basic human instinct takes over and they turn back into monsters. At least with option 2 humanity will get better after a few hundred years and a rebellion against the NWO, as they literally have nowhere to go but up. They will eventually remake the world similar to as it was when they started, and it would start all over again. Plus, you can't get all the good humans, no matter how hard you try. Killing even one innocent person would destroy someone as morally perfect as the person you described.
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