What is the impact of Conformance with group and social approval on a Reference Group?

My assignment is due next monday and I haven't got a clue how to solve it. The question is " Provide the details of the effects on a Reference Group from a Conformance with group and social approval?
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"Conformance with group and social approval: When a consumer is other- directed or socially-directed, and looks towards others for social approval, he generally conforms to the advice given by members of his reference groups. This is because he wants to be identified with people whom he likes or whom he wants to be associated with. Thus he would conform to the product and service and/or brand suggested by members of their reference group. Source:"
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"Administration facts are viewed as an amount of handled objects, moving into a new exclusive selective information keep, classified this Operations Info Foundation (MIB). Libraries associated with related to materials are generally described throughout MIB adventures."
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