"Guys... Do you know what is the Implications of Efficient Market Hypothesis for investment decisions?"

Hi all, need help!!!!!! Provide the implications for the Investment Decision Efficient Market Hypothesis.
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"Implications of Efficient Market Hypothesis For investors: - Technical analysis is no valuable if weak form holds - Fundamental analysis of intrinsic value will be of no use if semi strong form holds For professional money managers - Less time spent on individual securities: Passive investing favored, Otherwise must believe in superior insight - Tasks if markets information-ally efficient: Maintain correct diversification, Achieve and maintain desired portfolio risk, Manage tax burden, Control transaction costs. Source:"
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"A crucial debate involving wall street game traders is if the marketplace is productive - that's, whether or not this displays all the information distributed around grocery store players at any moment. The particular useful grocery store conjecture (EMH) sustains that each one stocks usually are properly listed in line with their particular natural investment decision properties, the knowledge which wholly grocery store players have got just as. When you're getting started, it may be obvious many deficiencies in the particular productive market place idea, produced in the 70s by means of Eugene Fama. Simultaneously, nonetheless, you'll want to examine its relevance from the modern day investing surroundings. (Pertaining to qualifications looking at, notice What's Market place Proficiency?) "
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