In which Italian city did the most Renaissance artists work?

"Pick one: A new. Rome W. Florencia C. Milan D. Venice I'm not sure -.-"
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the correct answer is B, Florence.
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"florence.The Italian Renaissance was the earliest symptoms in the normal Eu Renaissance, a period of outstanding national modify along with good results that commenced inside France during the 14th hundred along with survived until the 16th one hundred year, tagging this cross over among Mediaeval along with First Mod European countries. The phrase Renaissance is within fact a sophisticated the one which came into currency exchange within the 19th century, inside work connected with historians for instance Jules Michelet and John Burckhardt. Even though beginnings of your motion that had been restricted generally towards literate person acculturation regarding noetic attempt along with patronage is usually followed towards previously the main 14th centuries, quite a few facets of Italian tradition and also culture stayed mainly Old; your Renaissance wouldn't enter full golf swing until the end from the century. The saying renaissance (Rinascimento in Italian language) suggests ""conversion"" within France, along with the years is best famous for the actual renewed curiosity about your lifestyle involving established antiquity after the interval that Renaissance humanists tagged the actual Dim Age range. These kind of changes, whilst major, were being centred within the high level, but for the great majority of the universe life seemed to be minuscule improved on the Middle Ages. "
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