Inform something about the Consumer Decision Making level of EPS?

Hello everyone. Do you have the information to provide the EPS level of Consumer Decision Making details.
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"EPS: - The consumer is not informed of the product or service offering. - The consumer is not aware about the various decision criteria used to evaluate the product or service offering, and he is also not aware of the various brands that are available and from which to evaluate. Result: - The purchase process involves significant effort on part of the consumer. Examples: Jewellery, electronic goods, Real estate and property etc.Source:"
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"The buyer purchase determination procedure is often considered as including things like continuous steps as well as stages by which the client moves with choosing a goods and services. the different measures in this process plus the appropriate home(a) subconscious procedures of which take place at each point for instance determination, notion, mindset enhancement, integrating and also studying. "
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