What are the Intra individual Conflict term called Conflicting goals? List its different kinds.

Conflicting goals could lead to three types of intra individual conflict. Name them.
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Primary/physiological/biogenic and secondary/psychological/psychogenic needs. Source:
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"Group battle, or maybe hostilities among distinct groups, is a permeant feature present with just about all amounts of social organisation (elizabeth.g., sporting activities competitors, racial communities, countries, beliefs, gangs).Though class clash is among the about difficult phenomena examined by simply cultural experts, the of the human beings evidences some group-stage conflicts which may have obtained fame in the past. As an example, through 1820 to be able to 1945, many experts have projected of which at the least fifty nine trillion people were mortally wounded through issues among sets of 1 variety or even an additional.Lit shows that the amount of demise almost bending between years 1914 to 1964 on account of farther class clash. "
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