Is Downton Abbey Real?

Will be the People tangible? Similar to ended up being at this time there basically A Matthew in addition to Woman Mary Crawley or perhaps a Crawley family. Has been right now there actually a location named Downton Abbey? ( I realize many people film in Highclere Citadel). Can be any of that genuine, such as would it be based mostly from an actual Crawley Loved ones in addition to the living or perhaps would it be only a manufactured-way up floor set in this time?
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"No. The characters and the stories are made up. The picture of life in that period is accurate in some ways but not in others. For instance, a house the size of Downton would have a lot more servants than are shown in the series. Also, social distinctions among the servants tended to be more pronounced than they are in the series. For instance, in a large household, the upper servants - the butler, housekeeper, cook (or chef - many large households had a chef rather than a cook) valets, ladies maids, and head housemaid - had their own private parlour, where they would take their meals. Sometimes other things are not right. For instance, in one recent episode, I noticed that one of the housemaids was told she had been promoted to being a lady's maid. This did not normally happen. being a lady's maid required very specific skills, the most important of which was knowing how to look after clothes - clean them, mend them, do alterations etc. If you wanted to be a lady's maid, you normally did a dressmaker's apprenticeship, you didn't start off as a housemaid. If you are interested in what domestic service in this period was like, I recommend Rosina Harrison's book Rose, My Life In Service. We Danced All Night by Barbara Cartland is good for a description of what life was like for upper class people in the 1920s."
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"Pinnacles projecting into the sky, Highclere Adventure can be a area millions of People in america know — even though many people getaway’t heard the particular name ahead of. The expansive English property is when Downton Abbey is photo, the actual incredibly well-liked PBS string of which describes everyday life in a very United kingdom mansion house throughout the first twentieth century. However Highclere isn’testosterone levels just a qualifications, the item’utes an authentic-liveliness muse for that serial, one of many previous operating(a) ‘good residences’ however occupied by simply the almighty in addition to dame along with enclosed stave. "
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