Is finding a job in Aeronautical Engineering in the UK difficult?

I am just wanting to know whether to get into this particular vocation course, as well as wanting to know when it will likely be hard to find a position in britain. Why don't you consider additional nations inwards European countries, or Us all like a last resort?
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Simple answer is no, if you have good qualifications, relevant experience, and realistic salary demands. In general, as you would expect Europe and the US offer opportunities as well, on similar terms to the UK I would guess. It depends a lot on what sector - currently defence is on a bit of down-slope in Europe at the moment, but security clearance is an issue for working in the US. There is lots of work in cicil aerospace on both sides of the Atlantic.
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"An aeronautical, or aerospace, engineer applies scientific and technological principles to research, design, develop, maintain and test the performance of civil and military aircraft, missiles, weapons systems, satellites and space vehicles. They also work on the different components that make up these aircraft and systems. "
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