Did Jerry Springer's grand mother die in a concentration camp during WW2?

"had been looking over this upon Wikipedia...although did not trustingness it as being a source. any individual understand how then when this took place and had been Jerry close to the girl or otherwise not? precisely why this individual left your ex driving..for example? exactly where ?"
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"Ignore Wikiwanka. Jerry Springer. His parents were German Jews who fled Berlin as Hitler marched on Poland, and took refuge in England. Jerry was born here in London. Jerry Springer - Jerry Springer, born on February 13, 1944 in London. Jerry Springer has been killed (died) in a car crash January 18th 2013 - story developing."
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He and the brother Evelyn had been lifted in a tiny 4-area condominium. Certainly one of their earlier reminiscences in relation to existing occasions had been while this individual seemed to be 14 along with seeing your 1956 Popular tradition in the news wherever he power saw and was astounded by David F. Kennedy
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