Kindly determine the level of significance of a test.

Hi Docsity Q n A contributors, my question is that do you know some thing about a test's level of significance.
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"The probability of committing Type-I error can also be called the level of significance of a test. Now, what do we mean by Type-I error? In order to obtain an answer to this question, consider the fact that, as far as the actual reality is concerned, H0 is either actually true, or it is false. Also, as far as our decision regarding H0 is concerned, there are two possibilities --- either we will accept H0, or we will reject H0. Source:"
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Statistical value is usually a record assessment of regardless of whether findings reverberate A design as opposed to simply just likelihood. Education concern is the fact almost any partially image of your given conjecture, study as well as question is subject to haphazard fault.
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