Kindly discuss critically the Two-Step Flow of Communication Theory.

Hi Docsity Community, can some one provide information on the Communication Theory's Two-step flow?
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"The Two-Step Flow of Communication Theory proposes that the Opinion Leader forms a vital link in the interpersonal communication process, and has an important role to play in transmission of information. According to the Two-Step Flow of Communication Theory, the message (information content from the marketer) flows from the mass media (both print and/or electronic audio-visual) to the Opinion Leaders and from there it is transmitted to the masses or the Opinion Receivers. The theory is twostepped in the sense that it presents Opinion Leaders as direct recipients of information from the Mass Media, and it is they (opinion leaders) who in turn interpret and transmit this information to the general public or the masses (consumers, actual and potential). The Opinion Leaders thus act as middlemen in the entire process of communication. Information flows in a single direction (one way) from the impersonal mass media to Opinion Leaders. In Step 2, it flows from the Opinion Leaders (who interpret, verify, assimilate and transmit the information) to the Opinion Receivers (the masses or the public, viz., friends, neighbors, and others). While laying emphasis on the vital role that Opinion Leaders play, the theory rejects the belief that mass media left alone can influence the masses, and enable a sale. As a major contribution, the theory supports the premise that social interaction between people serves as major means for spread of information, development of attitudes (favorable and unfavorable), and acts of behavior. As such, the opinion receiver is more likely to be influenced by the opinion leader than by the media. Thus the theory lays emphasis on the role played by the Opinion Leaders in information transmission, advice and opinion. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Opinion_Leadership_-_Consumer_Behavior_-_Solved_Quiz_"
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