Kindly elaborate the key informant method used for the measurement of Opinion Leadership.

Hi all! This seems way too difficult for me, explain me the Opinion Leadership measurement method known as Key Informant Method?
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"The key informant method: Based on careful observation and analysis of social communication, key informants in a social system are identified. These key informants are asked to identify and/or designate individuals in the social group who are Opinion Leaders or who are most likely to be Opinion Leaders. The key informants are those who are aware about the communication patterns in a social environment and able to provide a fair and impartial assessment of these patterns. They may or may not be a member of such group(s); they may be active participants or passive observers. In this way (where an expert is asked to identify Opinion Leaders), the technique is better than the self-designating method (where a person is asked to assess himself as an Opinion Leader). Advantages: This is relatively less expensive and time consuming, as compared to the sociometric method. The study is based on a chosen few rather than large samples in the self-designating and sociometric methods. Disadvantages: If informants are not carefully chosen, they may provide wrong information. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Opinion_Leadership_-_Consumer_Behavior_-_Solved_Quiz_"
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