Kindly explain me what is the Freud's theory about dreams?

hello group mates...what is Freud's Theory??
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Freud managed the notion how the desire generally acts as the guard associated with sleep. Once we turn in, the actual drapes tend to be driven, the particular lighting is turned off along with result were wanting to detach from your reality through extinguishing most international stimuli. Throughout the night, your head protects the actual individual through being disturbed by simply reacting to help expand international toys (disturbance, temperatures, mild, the necessity to go to the bathroom, numb branch/lower leg, discomfort, and many others) in addition to wholly central stimuli (sensations, anxieties, unhappiness, dreams, previous evening’ohydrates activity) simply by production dreams.
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Freud’azines work ended up being only focused on internal stimuli. In essence, for just a man or woman to stay to get to sleep uninterrupted sturdy negative feelings, unacceptable ideas and depths of the mind wishes have to be masked or even censored in most kind as well as an additional. In any other case, confronted by these kinds of, this idealist could go distressed and so they might at some point wake. Meaning that the desire, in the event realized appropriately, could lead to a better understanding of the actual idealist’utes unconscious.
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