Kindly explain the Response Error with an example.

Hi Docsity Community, can some one provide information on the Response Error.
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"Sometimes the respondents do not want to give correct information when answering a ques-tion. For example, many respondents will not disclose their true incomes on questionnaires or in interviews. When information on income is provided, it is almost always biased in the up-ward direction. Sometimes the race of the interviewer may affect the answers of respondents. This is es-pecially true if the questions asked are about race relations. The answers given by respondents may differ depending on the race of the interviewer."
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The mistake that occurs when participants don't reveal their particular accurate viewpoints on a subject. They might misconstrue the problem, are not able to realize their own true views, sit, or maybe attempt to promote themselves in a beneficial gentle. Answer mistake is a particular difficulty when participants don't know the problem, by way of example, when they are inquired about intentions to order a new product. Intended for ideas on the way to minimize result problem, observe Sudman as well as Bradburn (early in the eightys).
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