Kindly explain the Who would say it (message source) part of a Message strategy methods?

Can you determine the explanation of a Market Strategy known as" Who would say it (message source)"?
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"Who would say it (message source): the formal source of communication would include the company (marketer), viz, both public and private organizations, those working not-for profit, as well as those working for-profit. It could include commercial organizations, government organizations as well as non-governmental organizations. On the other hand, the informal source of communication would include family, friends, peers, colleagues and people in our reference group, who provide us with information and advice about a product/service, (word-of-mouth communication). Research has shown that consumers rely more on informal sources of communication. The message could be communicated through a celebrity (film star, sportsman, etc), a company spokesperson (the founder, CEO or the salesperson), or an expert (dentist, nutritionist etc.). The message source needs to be credible, otherwise, the message loses its persuasiveness. Source:"
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The message method is much like a foundation for your advertising and marketing. It has to be strong or maybe the advertising and marketing efforts volition falter.
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