Kindly provide a brief explanation of the Nyāyikas views on prāmānyavāda.

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"Nyāyikas subscribe two views on prāmānyavāda; paratah prāmānya and paratah apamānya. According to them, both validity and invalidity are constituted and determined by external conditions. Source:"
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The actual Buddhists experienced distressed almost all good sense convictions associated with compound in addition to characteristic, cause and effect, as well as permanence of points, on the ground that every collocations are non permanent; to each one list of collocations exhausts alone in providing ascent to a new grouping and this to an alternative and so forth. When some sort of juxtaposition that represent milk builds this juxtaposition involving curd it is known being caused by a combined actions of the things building the source-collocation and also the modus operandi will be unintelligible; the elements creating what causes it-collocation can not on their own crank out the elements creating the issue-apposition, regarding in a really supposal it might be difficult to keep up with the philosophy associated with momentariness since the personal and individual exercising of influence on the part of the source-aspects and also their co-ordination along with symptoms while result are not able to however return a couple of instant.
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