Kindly provide a short note on the Market Segmentation Theory.

Hi Docsity Community, can some one provide information on the theory of Market Segmentation in Security Analysis and Portfolio Management.
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"Market Segmentation Theory: Debt markets are segmented by maturity, so interest rates for various maturities are determined separately in each segment. - Assumption: – Investors are risk minimizer by matching maturities of assets and liabilities or by matching maturities with holding periods. - Explanation: – the interest rate is determined by the interaction of demand for log-term capital and they supply of short-term money. The long-term rate is always above the short-term rate. Source:"
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Grocery store segmentation is really a strategy inside overall costs as well as promoting. An industry segment can be a bass speaker-list of market composed of people or businesses having a number of characteristics that creates the crooks to need identical product or service and also/or services according to qualities of people items such as value or even operate. ...
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