Can I get screwed over this?

To start with, I'm a gentleman. We've a couple good friends who will be lesbians and they are inside a connection jointly. Past period these people informed me they planned to employ a little one. I was similar,"properly alright go somewhere where they will contribute ejaculate." My partner and i determine them to wish the particular orgasm through me. I usually beverage with these and also smoke shisha. They accepted they needed to acquire myself intoxicated and jackstones everyone away from when My partner and i ejaculated, they would obtain this ejaculation inside a minor mug as well as put in the particular semen in to one. Is this probable? Can I obtain screwed by this?

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sajna 27-01-2013
sajna - Ankit Institute of Technology and Science
"The potential does exist for you to be held financially responsible for a resulting offspring. If you were determined to help, then at the very least, you should get it in writing in advance that they release forever you from any responsibility. They should pay for a lawyer to draw it up. Due to all the potential legal encumbrances you face if you do this, you might ask for compensation for your contribution in the same way that surrogate mothers are compensated for theirs."
radhakrishna 01-04-2013
radhakrishna - Aliah University
" Any time offering your love and confidence to the people, you just have to think about, “Do they really should have the idea?” Due to the fact often they will wear’T and you also must be alert to which. "

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