Cannabis with 'intent to sell'? help?

"A mate at mine at college told us about this, he was in a car with his mates and a 'friend of a friend' was there with an ounce all 10s in baggies. They got nicked and he was held overnight and charged with 'intent to sell' even though he had NO idea about this guy, very unlucky.He has a hearing soon and im wondering what is the WORST punishment he can have or what would be the lightest.Thanks :)"

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andreasphd 28-01-2013
andreasphd - University of Oxford
"The statutory maximum, as probablygraham points out, is 14 years imprisonment. However, maximum sentences are something of a legal nonsense really. No one actually gets such ludicrous sentences for such minor crimes. If found guilty, your friend is facing a community order or a short prison sentence of a few weeks. Probably six weeks at the very most. This is only small-scale, unprofessional and not terribly organised supply, so it isn't considered very seriously by the courts. It is almost certain that any prison sentence would be suspended. That means that your friend wouldn't actually go to prison on the day of sentencing. However, if he committed another crime within the following few years, the prison sentence for this would be activated and he'd be sent down. Of course the best case scenario is that he is found not guilty and he walks home scot-free. In fact, this seems quite a likely outcome in this case, given that he is actually innocent. If he hasn't already, your friend needs to see a solicitor as soon as possible to prepare a defence. I hope this helps."
behar 26-03-2013
behar - Acharya Nagarjuna University
  "(a single) A superb involving not more than 2 hundred $ 50 ($two hundred and fifty), on a discovering that a first the offense has been devoted. "

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