How do you feel about the way the prosecutors went after Aaron Swartz?

You think 35 a number of a million buck all right had been bonny punishment intended for getting JSTOR paperwork on his / her notebook computer ? And do you think JSTOR really should be readily available readily towards the general public ? And how sometimes you may feel in regards to the unreasonable price this fees intended for journals ?

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luber:: 28-01-2013
luber:: - University of Oxford
"35 years was the maximum possible sentence. He would not have received 35 years, unless he called the judge a cheap whore. Also, he didn't simply download documents on to his laptop. He engaged in trespassing, breaking and entering, copyright violation, hacking, and other crimes. That's a lot more than just copying documents. But, no, I think making an example of him through excessive fines and prison time was unethical. If he suffered any punishment, it probably should have been community service and/or parole. If they wanted to make an example of him, they could have given him a few months in jail, instead of scaring him with the possibility of decades. In an ideal world, the JSTOR archives would be freely available. Unfortunately, our world sucks. What you or I want doesn't really seem to matter very much. Sure, if everything were free, that'd be nice, but that's just not the world we live in right now."
nobel 04-04-2013
nobel - Punjab Engineering College
Swartz seemed to be mixed up in progression of the internet give food to data format Really simply syndication, the organization Originative Commons,[5] the site platform[5] plus the social reports web page Reddit, during which this individual had been an equal companion subsequently the combination with his Infogami organization.[my spouse and i] Swartz likewise aimed at sociology, civic attention along with activism

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