Is this considered dsylexcia?

"These days I have heard many tales connected with dyslexic ppl and I ponder plainly may possibly of had it/ still have that?


I remember when I ended up being younger we would constantly mix up your missive ""B"" together with ""deb"" and many teachers would certainly beget upset at myself n/hundred that they assumed I'd been jesting around although When i never ever actually stated whatever. We still take action as i write yet When i meticulously emailing definitely not make the mistake 


In addition as i interpret text When i at times befuddle terms with the exact same shopping terms merely I'm this way could possibly be B/h Now i am seeking to go through too quickly nevertheless happens in many cases. Including pertaining to antique. I would Examine ""Furious"" but usually states ""saddened"" once i retrospect in the written text 


If you know everything approximately or even acknowledge dyslectic ppl, what are your thinking? I am just interested in learning this particular."

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luber:: 28-01-2013
luber:: - University of Oxford
No ... most little kids get 'd' and 'b' confused when they're learning to read ... you may have had a very mild case which is often the case with boys who, believe it or not, learn differently to girls, ... but what you've written above is well spelt and grammatical ... so I really wouldn't worry ... !
Comment 04-04-2013 - B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology
"Dyslexia is among the most most widely used LD time period that your community understands. Unfortunately, there can be ordinarily a lot of bewilderment along with untruths all around which expression. "  

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